Bumps on face - will lasers work? (Photo)

I have had these bumps on my face for several years and cannot seem to get rid of them. They are on both sides of my face as well as on my forehead. The only thing that the dermatologist has tried is Retin A and after almost a year there is zero improvement. It has been biopsied & they claim it's sebaceous gland hyperplasia. Have any dermatologist ever seen anything like this before? Will any sort of laser treatments be effective or chemical peels? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Bumps on Face/Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia--Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment--Lasers, Isotretinoin

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Sebaceous hyperplasia is basically dilated or enlarged oil glands.  They are deep under the skin, typically that requires a treatment that penetrates deeply into the skin. Electric needle or fractionated laser (resurfacing or non-ablative Fraxel) are usually the best.  Sometimes if you have many, isotretinoin can clear these completely without recurrence.  I would suggest getting another opinion from a cosmetic dermatologist with experience treating this condition.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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