After surgery how much of actual butt swelling goes down?

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Hello dear, thanks for your post! Patients undergoing the brazilian butt lift will inevitably develop swelling following this procedure. During the procedure, the liposuction cannula is passed through the subcutaneous tissue.This causes disruption of the lymphatic channels and cellular injury, which causes swelling.
Significant improvement in swelling can be seen in the first three weeks following surgery, with the majority gone in about three months.Small amounts of swelling may persist up to a year following surgery.
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BBL Results and swelling

Thank you for your question.  After a BBL surgery there is a predictable swelling process that mostly resolves over two months, when the final result really settles in. The most important thing is to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety. Don’t settle for less than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure

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BBL and swelling

Swelling usually persists for a while. Most swelling will come down within about 6-8 weeks. But there may be some residual swelling for 4-6 months.

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After surgery how much of actual butt swelling goes down?

You have to give your body at least 12 weeks to start seeing results and final results can take 3-6 months depending the way your body heals.  Thank you for your question.

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This is a difficult question to answer without photos. And there is not currently an objective measure to guide us. You will have some reduction in size by ~6 weeks after surgery but it is hard to tell how much. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your question.

Fat survival after fat grafting depends on a few things such as technique used, anatomy, genetics, post operative care etc. Best case scenario, usually about 60% of the transferred fat will survive. Within the first 6 months, about 30% of the fat cells will not survive and will be reabsorbed and passed through your body. Whatever fat is remaining after 6 months, is what will remain as long as your weight remains stable. Best of luck.

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Brazilian butt lift

Thank you for the question. The brazilian butt lift is a very common procedure. The swelling question is a bit misleading. 

1. all surgery has some swelling. Eventually all the swelling goes away, so on the one hand, the answer is 100% of the swelling resolves. I know that is not the exact meaning of the question you were asking. 

2. the more relevant question is how much of the fat stays long term, vs dissolving not surviving? On average, about 70% of the fat remains, so you would lose about 30% assuming you are healthy and don't smoke. For this reason, most doctors will overfill the fat a small degree to compensate for this. 

You should have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons before making any final decisions. 

As always, best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health concerns you have are managed by your primary care md. 

Best to you.

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After surgery how much of actual butt swelling goes down?

Thank you for your question. When you are evaluating your results from a Brazilian Butt Lift, you will want to keep in mind that only 70% of the fat is going to live and the other 30% will dissolve over time. In saying that, you should expect your initial results to be about 30% larger than what your final results are going to look like. However, it is also important to note that you are going to have a lot of swelling in the areas where liposuction was performed. One of the key things in a Brazilian Butt Lift is the fact that your result come not only from the amount of fat that is transferred to the buttocks, but also the amount of fat that is subtracted above the buttocks to give that nice curve. Therefore, while the buttocks may decrease in size with healing, the lower back and waist will also decrease in size—meaning your results may actually improve over time. Best of luck!

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