I have always had "fatty" eyelids that stand out in person and pics, I'm in my early 20's now? (photo)

Would you advise blepharoplasty? I would like to know costs for purely cosmetic blepharoplasty with no insurance, or do you think it could be obstructive enough to be covered. Also just any surgical advice and insight on what you would do, and nonsurgical advice if any. Also I am lacking fat under my eyes, could the fat be shifted from upper to lower lid?

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Upper blepharoplasty

The primary goal for upper blepharoplasty is to remove excess skin and a small amount of fat from the upper lids. When the excess skin is significantly restricting visual fields, consideration billing medical insurance can be entertained. Visual field obstruction tests, pictures and examination chart notes are all required for prior approval with the patient's medical insurance. For many examples of upper blepharoplasty and our price list, please see the link below

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Puffy Eyes

A consultation would be necessary to answer all your questions and to fully evaluate your anatomy. Upper eyelid surgery is only covered by insurance if it is documented by visual field studies that you vision is obscured by your excess skin on you upper eyelid. Fat or other filler material can be injected in you tear trough areas below your lower eyelids if needed to fill out the hollows

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Fatty eyelids

in looking at your right eyelid, the puffiness is mostly over the outer part of the upper eyelid. This may not be fat that needs removal. This could be the Lacrimal gland (tear producing gland) and must not be touched. You should get a consultation with a Facial or Oculoplastic surgeon to see if that, in fact, is the case. Your lower eyelid, what is visible in the photo, looks perfectly fine and does not need fat. Fat cannot be transferred from upper to lower eyelid.

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