Fats Deposits on Forehead Complication?

I had forehead lipofilling done 4 days ago for my narrow forehead(fats from lower abdomen). After the surgery, there is unevenness at both sides (left side could feel 2 lumps, though not distinctive). During the 2nd day, eyes started to swell and bruise, head feels heavy. My condition hasnt got better since then. Now my undereye areas are purplish and swelled, but not in pain. Doc didn’t give antibiotics and told me to get more rest. I'm very worried, is this normal?

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Normal swelling

Everything you are describing seems normal after fat transfer to the forehead.  Because there is not a lot of soft tissue in that area things tend to feel lumpy.  The bruising is also common.  Don't worry everything seems normal.

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Is eyelid swelling normal after fat grafting to temples

Yes it is normal...Did you ever see someone who had hair transplants a few days later...Same thing.Temple fat can be pressed on to minimize irregularities. I treat it like modeling clay and press hardon bumps to mold it..Relax it sounds like you are in good hands

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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