Fatgrafting or Cheek Implants?

Hi my question, which procedure is better for more sculpted and dramatic cheekbones fatgrafting or cheek implants ? Thank You so much !

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Cheek implants preferred over fat grafting

Cheek implants will produce a more sculpted cheek bone area than fat grafting.  Cheek implants give a very precise and measured amount of augmentation versus fat grafting which is extremely variable.  Remember that after fat grafting in the cheeks, any weight gain will disproportionately enlarge the cheeks since the remaining fat cells will hypertrophy from the cheek area.  This can lead to a very puffy face with distorted features.

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Fatgrafting or Cheek Implants?

 I performed several hundred fat transfers in the early 90's for facial shaping and subsequently abandoned that for the use of facial implants to augment and shape the cheeks and chin.  Fat is living tissue and once removed is not.  This makes it prone to death, dissolving and inability to retain the desired level of volume and shape.  Cheek Implants are silastic and retain their shape no matter what.  There's absolutely no comaprison, Cheek Implants are vastly superior in their ability to aesthetically shape the face versus fat transfer.  

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