How Much Fat Can Be Transferred to the Buttocks Area?

I Want a Huge Butt. Can This Be Done?

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The maximum augmentation with a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Technically the limits vary by individual and depend on how much fat your buttocks can accomodate before excessive pressure is created and the fat survival is compromised. In some individuals this may be as little as 250 cc and in others it may exceed 1000 cc. The results depend not only on the fat transferred but ALSO on how much fat survives. This can vary with each individual as well. 

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The bigger the better.

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How much fat that can be transferred to the but really depends on how much donor fat you have and the size of the recipient area ( your butt). I try to put in as much graft as possible, up to 1000cc into each side. The fat transfer is very natural appearing and I always want to be prepared for up to 50% resorption of the graft

Irvin M. Wiesman, MD
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How big can your Butt be made?

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I always explain to my patients that there are 3 limitations as to how bug your butt will be after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. 1) How much fat you give me to work with. The more you give, the more your but gets.
2) How much your buttocks holds. The depends on your frame size as well as skin tone.
And probably most importantly, 3) How much fat survives. This can vary from patient to patient. Patients who follow my instructions get a higher percentage of fat survival than those who don't.   Some patients who want it really large have it done a second time. 

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