Fat Transfert for Jaw Augmentation?

Dear doctors, thank you to take the time to read me. I need a jaw augmentation and i've seen 5 doctors so far. They offer me medpore implants or fat grafting. I've been told by two doctors that medpore can moove from it's initial place and do some issues later on, because it's a foreign material to the body. I really don't know what to choose, as i want a "bone effect" in the jaw area, as i've got already a chubby face. My apologies for my english, i'm a french speaker hope you could understand

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Implants vs Fat For Jaw Augmentation

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The only truly proven and reliable method of jaw augmentation is by using implants. If implants are placed in the correct position and secured by a screw, they will not move. While fat can be injected anywhere, even down at the bone level, how well it survives is completely unpredictable. Even If it survives it is a soft material and will not create the prominence and angular effect of a bone-based implant.

Fat Transfer vs Implant for Jaw Augmentation.

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I assume you are talking about the lower jaw. Clearly implants are more stable and have "bone like feel". There are many choices but most can be easily fixed to the bone (e.g. a screw) so it is fixed and will not migrate. Fat transfer for isolated or depressed areas along a linear surface area as do other fillers also work well. For example I would use an implant at the angle of the jaw where you expect to see sharp demarcated diverging lines, whereas in the pre-jowl area fat transfers work well in my experience. 

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