Is It Possible to Get Fat Transferred to the Breasts when a person already Has Breast Implants?

 Is it common for a doctor to transfer fat to the breasts WITH breast implants? 

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Fat Transfer to Breast with Implants is typically done to correct problem not to enlarge the breast

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Breast Fat Transfer can be done alone as a procedure to enlarge the breast but is not typically done in addition to breast implants to enlarge the breast further. Breast Implants alone can achieve the size increase that you desire

Breast Fat Transfer in patients with Breast implants is more typically done to correct contour problems or capsular contraction.

If you are concerned about implant visibility after Breast Augmentation having the Breast Implants placed underneath the Pectoralis Muscle can help hide the implant.

Fat grafting over implants

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As long as there is an adequate supply of body fat, it can be used to inject around breast implants.  Most surgeons would do this in 2 stages- not both at same time.  You can always start with fat grafting and see if you are happy with the level of augmentation - if not you can proceed to implants.

Can fat be transferred to the breasts with implants

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Fat transfer can be done with implants, but not enough can be transferred to make a major size difference.  It is good for correcting minor deformities, asymmetries and creating better cleavage.  It does not add a significant cost to the procedure.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Fat injections in addition to breast implants for a breast augmentation

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There should be no problem regarding quantity of skin going from an "A" to a  "C" or "D"  and a silicone breast implant should provide you with a reasonable enlargement. Fat will add thickness - it will not increase the ability for greater stretching of the tissues as in the scenario that you give. Given that you are very thin, there may be an issue even obtaining an appropriate amount of fat for the usage that you desire.

Fat injections will usually add a significant amount to the cost of the procedure so this is another consideration for you.


Fat Transfer with Breast Implants

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It is possible to add fat grafts to the breast at the same time as placing breast implants, however you may want to consider a few things.

  • If you are already thinking that you don't have enough tissue to go from an A cup to a small D cup, it may be better to settle for a smaller implant.
  • If the implant is too big for your chest and breast, fat grafts may not help things look any better.
  • If you do need fat grafts, they can be done at a latter time.

It is better to prevent problems that need additional procedures than try to fix the problem when if happens. So if you are worried that your implants will be to big and need fat grafts, consider getting smaller implants.


Breast augmentation with implants AND fat grafting

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It is certainly possible for a thin woman to change from an A cup to a C/D with implant based surgery alone, but without at least photographs this is not possible to answer accurately.  Being thin, you should seriously consider silicone implants as a choice that will afford a more natural feeling and looking result.  As far as your question about fat grafting, this is something that can be performed in addition to or instead of breast implants.  If you are intersted in thickening the breast tissue that will ultimately cover an implant, this can certainly be performed with fat grafting, but I would recommend performing this separately as a first stage of surgery not at the same time as implants.

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