Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs?

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs; Not the Calf's, but Lower?) It seems as if my legs are disproportionate, and they seem more masculine because of they're shape and size of the calf's. I think they are way too skinny on the bottom. What can I do, or what can be recommended? Your responses will be appreciated.

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Calf disproportion

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not exactly the photos we are used to viewing. in theory there is no reason fat can't be transferred to any tissue. having said that I am not sure aesthetically it makes sense to make "Cankles" to even out the legs. good luck

Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafting to lower legs

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Dear VeeHer,

Fat can be grafted to anywhere in your body that a space exists that is expandable and a blood supply that can grow in.

I have grafted fat to the calf and upper part of lower legs (see my website). I have not fat grafted the ankles because the skin is usually too tight in that area and there is not enough blood supply. This said, I still think it may be possible in certain patients.

Dr. Romano

James Romano, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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