Can Fat Be Transferred from the Breast into the Buttocks?

I have alot of fat but the majority of it is in my breast. I was wondering can it be transfered to my buttocks? I see all the advertisings mention is the hips,thighs, arms, and abdomen areas. Is this possible?

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Fat Transferred from Breasts to Buttocks

   I would not recommend fat transfer from the breast to the buttocks.  The breast has some fat, but some of the breast tissue will be transferred as well.  Diagnosis of a possible cancer in those areas may present an issue in the future.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Fat trasnfer from Breast to Buttocks


This is a rather strange request.

  1. I feel that the liposuciton of fat from the breast will disfigure them in the first place and its not one of the donor sites to be used for fat transfer to any part of body because of this very reason.
  2. I dont think therefore it to to be great idea to transfer fat from breast to buttocks.
  3. At least 50 % of the vouleme in my opnion of fat transfer  is lost in next 6 months and there are not many happy patients unless a larger than needed volume is transferred so that even after reabsorbtion of fat some fat still remains to keep some kind of result.

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