How Much Does Fat Transfering to the Breast Normally Cost?

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Fat grafting

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Whatever is costs, it will be a waste of money, since it really does not work predictably. You are better off getting implants.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer to the breast

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Fat transfer to the breast is still not the standard to augment the breast. The fees will vary depending on the area of the country and the extent of fat grafting needed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Pricing of fat grafting into the breast

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Thank you for your follow-up


I responded to your previous question as well.  While each surgeon will have differing prices for this procedure, as a controversial procedure it may not be worth it for you no matter how much you spend.  It takes a great deal of fat and over correction to see what you are ultimately left with a number of months after the surgery.  You may require multiple repeat treatments to get the volume that you're looking for.

It would be safest to look at this as a series of operations and compare it to to a standard one time breast augmentation using the standard implant.  Implants are imperfect as well, but the pitfalls and the benefits of implants have been well studied and may at this point in time be a more predictable option for you.


Best of luck which ever option you choose.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting for breast enlargement is expensive and not recommended.

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Hi, Mooresville! I answered your question "Can an 18 Year Old Get a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?" in a separate post. If you haven't yet, please read my and other colleagues' answers to that question.

In order to achieve any degree of breast enlargement, it will take about 250cc of living fat to equal one cup size of enlargement. Look on my website photogallery for the sizes of implants that patients have received to obtain their desired results, and you will see that most have implants that are well over this amount. Depending on your present breast size, in order to achieve any visible size change, you will likely require similar amounts, whether by implant or by fat graft.

So, once you understand that, you can see why getting hundreds of cc of fat to transfer and survive is not something easily (or quickly) accomplished, and it might not even be possible in one operation. I do lots of fat grafting, having done some research and national presentations on this topic over 20 years ago, and I tell my patients that several sessions are necessary (at 6-12 week intervals) for optimal results. I do NOT perform fat grafting for breast augmentation (read my previous answer), but if I did, it would take several sessions and cost thousands more than a single operation for  breast augmentation with implants.

Please don't waste your money on an operation that is controversial and ill-advised. Scarring and microcalcifications obscuring every mammogram in your future is NOT recommended, even if some surgeons feel these are not items worthy of consideration. It's not their life they are gambling about--it's YOURS! Peace and best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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