Am I Candidate For Fat Transfer If I'm Overweight?

Can U Have Fat Transfer if You Are over Weight

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Fat grafting in the overweight

Fat grafting can achieve a nice in the overweight as long as the areas that are injected are volume -depleted despite being overweight.  it is not uncommon to be overweight and still have a face that needs volume.

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You can have fat grafting if you're overweight

Being overweight isn't a strict reason that you couldn't have fat transfer. Depending on your fat deposition you may benefit from placing additional fat in the facial region.

It is a good idea to be pretty stable with your weight before having surgery as this can affect the final result.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Yes you are a candidate.

Being overweight is not a contraindication to fat grafting. In fact, your source for the graft is ideal. However, it is prudent to have the surgery when you are at a stable weight. If your weight fluctuates, this could effect the volume of the fat that has been transferred to your face. The weight gain/or loss may need to be significant to see an obvious effect, but it is still a possibility.

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Am I candidate for fat transfer if I'm overweight?

     You can certainly be a candidate for a fat transfer if you are overweight. Like Doctor Aldea stated, it depends on how overweight you are, and what you are expecting to get with the fat transfer. I have done fat transfers to the face on several overweight patients who felt like they have lost  volume in their faces. Depending on where your fat is deposited is also a deciding factor. I would love to give a more detailed answer but there are details that I would need to know first. Where you want the fat? and How overweight are you? Good luck on your journey,

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  Dr. Young and Staff

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Am I Candidate For Fat Transfer If I'm Overweight?

Photographs and more detail would be helpful.

- HOW overweight are you? WHERE are the excess fat deposits?
- Are you at your steady weight or are you planning on gaining or losing more weight?
- WHERE were you planning to have the fat transferred to?
- WHAT are you seeking to accomplish?

To begin to answer you question cogently, we would need a lot more specifics.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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