Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration. He said the "stem cells" from the procedure will give me a nearly full recovery in 6 months. He said I will have to look very closely to see any difference from how I looked before. Is this true? The wound was the result of skin necrosis from a partial vial of Radiesse.

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Fat injections and wound healing

We do see after fat injections and other volumizers such as Sculptra, a healthy epidermal rejuvenation often. This has been shared among many of my colleagues although I am not familiar with any scientific studies measuring laboratory evidence of such.  Usually the fat will improve indentations, and the surface change aftern necrosis can resolve at times, without fat injections, beautifully.  Other times, there is atrophy, white or brown discoloration or even redness from capillaries.  Special dressings, topical therapy and lasers can help the texture and coloration of such wound healing but there are cases of long term changes.  Skin often improves over 18 months of injury. Make sure you use a very protective sunscreen EVERY day, rain or shine for at least a year. Sun is the scar's enemy.

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Scar after radiesse

did you say you got a scar after radiesse? was it done by the person telling you the scar will go away with "stem cells"?  just got back from boston, ASAPS (aesthetic plastic surgery society meeting). someone presented photos of grafting fat to scars with impressive results. however there was no control and that is simply  not science. beware of folks who purport to have a "special" technique or results that have not been replicated by other surgeons. if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  scars are permanent. they definitely improve with time. there is no reason to treat a scar before a year, at least not with a surgical treatment. good luck.


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Fat transfer and scars

Dear Scarred,

It depends on what your scar looks like.  For depressed scars, a fat transfer can help lift the scar to eliminate a shadow and make the scar blend in.  There are other options, including scar revision, which may help you.  It depends where the scar is located to see what can be done.

The stem cells still have not been proven in rigorous medical research.  It is hypothetical at this time.  We just hear from our patients how happy they are after fat transfer and how their skin looks better as well.


Nima Shemirani


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Stem cell treatment is nothing now but a gymic every one is using for every thing. It has a future, but now we do not have the technology to easily and cheaply isolate stem cells. With fat transfer there is a lot of stem cells, however we have no clue what role they play or what happens to them.

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