Possible to Have Fat Transfer in Thigh and Calf Areas?

I have a flat and droopy butt, skinny hips, and stick thighs and calves. All my fat seems to settle on my abs and waistline area. Is it possible for me to get a fat transfer to my thighs and calves, as well as my hips and butt?

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I would not generally recommend fat grafting to calves for enlargement

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I agree with Dr. Horowitz.

Fat grafting to the calves is generally not a common procedure and more likely to have complications and undesireable results when compared to the thighs and buttocks.

Certainly possible

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Fat transfer to the hips and buttocks is common, but not done frequently to the thighs or calves. You may be better served with calf implants rather that fat grafting.

Good Luck!

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