Fat Transfer to Thigh. How Likely Will I Encounter Complications? (photo)

Hello, My whole left thigh is slightly thinner than my right thigh. I want fat transferred from my abdomen to my left thigh only. A PS told me the fat would not survive well in my thigh b/c the area is very vascularized, and also that there was a high risk of "fat embolism", which is obviously very dangerous. Coud you please tell me what my risks are, and how likely these are to occur, if I get fat injected into my thigh? Thank you very much.

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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer to the thighs is very possible. the risk of fat embolism is the same as in any patient undergoing large volume fat transfer. I do not believe there is a number I can give you, but may be 1:10,000

Looking at your pictures you will need a circuferential fat transfer to the thigh. It might be as good to decrease the other side with liposuction or the combination of both procedures.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat Grafting to Thighs for a Slight Discrepancy in size

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As with every procedure we do in the elective plastic surgery world, we need to weigh the risks and the benefits.  You need to look at how severe the problem is and decide if having the surgery and it's potential benefits is worth the risks.  Is the problem that bad?  Will anyone else over notice it?  Will it really be fixed?  You understand that it will never be perfect.  Plastic surgery is an art, not a science.  Perfection is an ideal, which is never really achievable.  The hope is always to make the appearance better, but understand that it can possibly be made worse as well.  I may be lumpy, you may have more fat survive in some areas and less in others, and it may be over corrected and end up larger than the other leg.  Fat grafting is unpredictable.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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