Can fat transfer thicken up a really thin face/head?

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Facial Volumizers

Fat transfer is a wonderful way to add volume to your face provided that  you have  sufficient amounts of body fat for harvesting.

 In addition to fat grafting, there are also some temporary voluminzing options you might want to consider.  One of my favorites is Sculptra.  This is a wonderful product that gradually adds diffuse volume to the face.  It works really well  for the cheeks, submalar (area below the cheeks), and temporal regions.  Typically we perform a series of 3 injections and space the injections out 4-6 weeks apart.  Once adequate volumization has been achieved, we recommend a maintenance injection every 6 months.

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Fat Transfer

Yes fat transfer to the face can give you a round face, it requires fat transfer to multiple areas of the face and 2-3 procedures. You will have to pay for each procedure.

Transfer can be to the temples, cheeck bone area(zygoma), center of the cheeck and preparotid area, lower lids, sub brow, prejowel area.

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