Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer to the Butt About 4 to 5 Times if You Have Enough Fat to Transfer? (photo)

I Want a Very Large Butt. About 3 years ago I got the brazilian butt lift done, I was very pleased with the results just wanted it bigger I waited 6 months to then have my 2nd surgery, but with the second surgery I was not happy at all I feel like he rushed into it and didnt take his time, I have one cheek bigger than the other no projection what so ever. Am I able to get the after picture I provided? I want that shape and size and also can I get this procedure done 4 times or maybe 5 times I had it done twice already.

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Is It Possible to Get a Fat Transfer to the Butt About 4 to 5 Times if You Have Enough Fat to Transfer?

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    I sometimes transfer up to 2000 cc of pure fat per buttock at one time, so this usually does not lead to revisions.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Is it possible to undergo fat transfer to the buttocks 4-5 times?

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Buttock augmentation using fat transplantation may need to be done more than once to achieve the desired result. Occasionally  patients desire contined further enlargement and may want the surgery done 4-5 times. If you have enough donor fat this can be done as long as there is a separation of at least 3 months between the procedures.

Should anyone really need to have the Brazilian Butt Lift done 4-5 times?

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Not knowing what you looked like prior to your two surgeries, it's difficult to know what was done, if anything.  ?  Anyone can do a "little lipo" and put a "little fat" into your buttocks and call it a "Brazilian Butt Lift".  But, that's not a good representation of what it's all about. 
The Brazilian Butt Lift is a body sculpting procedure that can provide dramatic results in one procedure.  Yes, the procedure can be repeated if you want your buttocks to be even larger.  But, most patients don't need to do it more than once unless they want their buttocks to be Very Large!  I have one patient who I have actually performed the procedure for 3 times.  She makes many women very jealous!  But, it's not just her buttocks size that gets her all of the attention, it's the figure that she has that goes with her buttocks that gives her the whole package!

Limit on fat grafting - NONE

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Yes you can have as many fat grafting sessions as you need to achieve your result as long as you have adequate donor sites.  You should space them apart by at least several months to better appreciate what areas need more grafting and work.  Risks do come with fat grafting and you should discuss this thoroughly with your doctor.

Repeated Fat Transfer to Buttocks: Staged Brazilian Butt Lift

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It is possible to have repeated fat transfer procedures to the buttocks for augmentation while at the same time improving your appearance by body contouring (Brazilian Butt Lift) as a means to harvest your fat. In your particular case removeing fat from your back would get you closer to your goals.

You can have more fat grafted

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Hi. Thank you for posting pictures... In your case, I'd say that by what the pictures are showing, you still have enough fat in your back to be grafted to your buttocks. Ask a board certified plastic surgeon for a personalized opinion about the options for your case.

Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift is more body contouring and fat transfer to the butt.

You still have a lot of fat around the love handles and lower back which should be removed first and transfered to the buttock, This will give you the curves and enhance your butt.

you can redo the Brazilain Butt Lift.

This time It is body contouring and fat transfer to the buttock. That will give you the desired shape and butt.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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