Fat Transfer to the Breast and Losing Weight?

I am currently using brava before fat transfer to the breasts. My ps is taking the fat from my stomach, my question is if I loose weight and my stomach gets smaller will by breast also shrink in size? I wasn't given a choice on where the fat comes from on the body. My ps only lipos one spot and the nurse says it the stomach. Any thoughts on this?

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Weight fluctuations after fat grafting.

It's important to maintain a stable weight after fat grafting to the breast or anywhere else.  The fat should be taken from areas that tend to have excess fat such as the hips, abodomen and thighs in women.  I most often used the posterior hip area and lateral thighs although it does involve turing the patient during surgery.  I hope your doctor took a good look at potential donor sites.  The abdomen is often a good donor site but I always want input from the patient.  They tend to know which areas of their body are diet and exercise resistant.

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Fat transfer to breasts

The grafted fat will always behave like fat from the original donor site.  If you were to lose a lot of weight, yes, your breasts will lose volume.  For this reason, it is nice to use fat from diet and exercise resistant areas such as the abdomen, flanks, or saddlebags.

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Liposuction of Stomach for Breasts

     The harvesting of the fat from the stomach or medial thighs is usually performed for fat transfer procedures to the breast or face.  In general, for any fat grafting procedure, weight should be held stable so that results achieve permanence.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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