Fat Transfer Specialist in California to Correct A Previous Fat Transfer.

hello I had chin lipo and one side of my jawline was overly done. I am looking for advice and a very qualified specialist in fat transfers on the west coast or bay area. thank you kindly

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Overly done fat injections of the jaw

Murphy's law! Fat injections are not a guarantee of result or longevity, but as you don't like the result you had with these fat injections, it unfortunately indicates that they worked too well.  "Melting" the fat with corticosteroid injections is a possibility. Microliposuction is not as easy as it sounds and has risks.  You might see, in consultation, Dr. Richard Glogau or Dr. Seth Matarasso, in the Bay area of San Francisco.

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Fat Transfer Over-Correction - How Can This Be Fixed?

Without a photo, it is difficult to give you an opinion, but over-correction with fat grafts has become a bigger problem as we get better at fat grafting. Often liposuction or even steroid injections can be used to correct excess fat in the lower face.  However, it depends upon how long it has been since your procedure as there will be continued resorption of the fat over the initial 3 months.

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Fat transfer to correct fat transfer irregularities.

Fat transfer to correct fat transfer irregularities is possible but I would need to see pictures to give you a better feel for what can be done. I have used fat transfer for 35 years including the time when everyone said " it doesn't work". Make sure you see an experienced fat transfer surgeon to do this.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Fat transfer

It is difficult to give a proper advice without photos; however, fat grafting can be used very effectively to correct essentialy anywhere is the body. 

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