Injectable Fillers After fat Transfer

I have had a fat transfer on my cheeks 14 years ago. I was interested in having the sculptra filler to firm up my face. However, the plastic surgeon i saw refused to carry out the procedure saying that the sculptra might interact with the fat transfer and have adverse side effects.How far is this correct? Does this mean that i will never be able to have fillers in the future? Does this mean that i cannot have another fat transfer too?

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Fillers and fat grafting

Fillers after fat grafting really shoudl b eno problem per se especially after 14 years.  I prefer hyaluronic acids because I think Sculptra may lead to granuloma formation more than the others, and the hyaluronic acids can be dissolved.

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Sculptra after previous free fat graft injection

Without a photo or face to face examination it is impossible to say if you are even a candidate for Sculptra injection. Aside from that there is no logical reason that sculptra cannot be injected in an area that has previously undergone free fat graft injection. If you think about it sculptra has to be injected into the fat layer under the skin. It does not know if that fat layer was augmented by previous injection and if you look at that layer under the microscope there a good chance you cannot tell it was augmented by fat injection either.

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Injectable Fillers may often be used after fat grafting for additional volume.

In my practice, Injectable Fillers may be used to add additional volume to your cheeks after fat-transfer. If there are no bumps or nodules in your cheeks, you shouldn't have a problem if your doctor is experienced. I'm not a fan of Sculptra for many reasons. You may want to consult another dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon experienced in the delicate art of using fillers in your cheeks.

I hope this helps you.

Regards from NJ:

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