Can Fat Transfer to Under Eyes Be Removed 1 Week Later?

I had fat transfer to my lower eye 1 week ago, the left side is smoothning out okay, but the right seems to be swollen and baggy, and with all the lumpy and baggy stories after fat transfer is scaring me. i have this feeling I will be one of the people with same bad review. my surgeons has done the procedure b4 and they showed me b4 and after photo which were really good. Anyway is it possible to get the fat out now b4 its too late? and will there be any complications? thanks

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Swelling after fat injections of the eyelids

There can be different responses of swelling and bruising in different areas of the face, even one eyelid vs. the other.  You should see your surgeon for an in person examination! If they say you should give it time, you should listen to their advice since they know how much fat they put in each side and at what depths. Fat injections are not easy to reverse and intervention now can increase swelling and cause more bruising. 

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Can Fat Transfer to Under Eyes Be Removed 1 Week Later?

As everyone has said it is just a matter of time!  Allow your body to heal the edema(swelling) to subsided.  It is not uncommon for one side of the body to swell more than the other.  It is a very trying time for you as a patient but it should improve with time.

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Removing lower eyelid fat graft 1 week postop?

After just one week from your fat grafting procedure you have quite a bit of tissue swelling. This can be asymmetric as well. It take take about 6 months for the swelling to dissipate so I would hang in there and discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Swelling after fat transfer

Patience!!  It ihas only been one week.  You may be swollen in that area for several weeks.  You should probably go talk to your surgeon.  SJR

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Too early to consider revision

Swelling can linger for weeks after surgery and can be asymmetric in both development and resolution. So making a decision to revise this early would not be recommended.

Generally would recommend waiting at least three months before evaluating for a final result.

Hang tight!!

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Fat injections are not Removed

Hi chocolate,

Fat injections are typically not removed or reversed. The risk and complications for fat removal after injection is not worth it at one week from injection.

Bruising and swelling after facial plastic surgery, including fat injections, is expected immediately after the procedure. Among many factors, but based on the technique, areas treated, and volume injected some patients may have significant swelling and bruising for several weeks. A hematoma will prolong the healing period. One week is generally too early to make a final judgement.

Methods to reduce facial swelling may include, keeping your head elevated, ice compress, reducing salt intake, steroids, and reducing strenuous activity. Speak to your fat transfer plastic surgeon and follow his/her advise. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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