Dermal Fat Graft for Gynecomastia Correction. What is Window of Reabsorption?

Hey all, Recently I had a dermal fat graft to correct a gynecomastia surgery related inverted nipple. My question is what is the window for fat reabsorption? For example: right after surgery to 6 months after, 2 weeks after surgery up to 3 months...etc. Also when within the time frame will the amount of reabsorption peak, and is there anyway to increase reabsorption if my problem was over-corrected.

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Inverted Nipple Correction with Dermal-Fat Grafts

You should wait to judge the final result from a dermal-fat graft to at least 6 months after it is placed. When it no longer feels hard and finally becomes soft, then you know it has stabilized in volume and shape.

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Dermal fat grafts to fix inverted nipples after gynecomastia surgery

While some fat will undoubtedly resorb the dermal elements should persist.  If your results are stable at 3 months I think you can pretty much feel confident that "this is it."


Dimples after gynecomastia are not uncommon, especially when the surgery is performed because of dense fibrous tissue.  If things do not settle properly find a surgeon who has a great deal of experience fixing gynecomastia problems.  Make sure to see a portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures.

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