Can Fat Transfer Procedures Be Challenging or Possible Through Scar Tissue?

If a person has had 3 facial surgeries, with scar tissue left along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones, can it be challenging or possible to transfer fat to those areas? Can the cannula safely -- and successfully -- tunnel through the scar tissue?

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FatTransfers Through Facial Scar Tissue

A picture would be helpful, but fat grafting in the face after other procedures is normally successful as long as there is not extensive, deep scarring like we see after burn injuries. After careful examination of your skin a physician experienced in fat sculpting who knows your history can answer your question.

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Fat injections into scarred areas.

Fat transfers can be performed even in areas that have scarring or previous surgical procedures. Even greater care needs to be taken in such circumstances. It is also not unlikely that more than one session of grafting will be needed to obtain desirable results.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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Fat transfer

Fat transfer can be done in scared tissue. The scar needs to be released either with a special cannula or a needle and the fat graft done in a three dimentional manner. You may need more than one session of fat grafting to achieve reasonable results. Consult a Board certified Plastic surgeon ( american board of plastic surgery) for evaluation and options.

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Fat transfer and scar tissue

Scar tissue can have a few restrictions:

  1. the tissue may not have adequate blood supply for the fat to survive
  2. the tissue may be too tight to be able to expand

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