Fat Transfer on Feet Surface?

I use to have pretty feet. Now, I'm pushing 40 and my skin is thinning; I'm noticing there are so many visible veins on the tops of my feet. My doctor said they weren't varicose. Is it possible to have a fat transfer procedure done on feet surface, like there is for hands now?

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Beautifying the Feet with Fat Transfer and Fillers

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Beautifying the Feet with Fat Transfer and Fillers are possible and there have been successful reports using both techniques. The main difference I would predict would be more post injection swelling and possible decreased take of the transferred fat. The most common fillers I use for the hands besides fat and therefore would recommend for the feet would be Radiesse or Sculptra. Please note that these are considered off label use by the FDA and complete informed consent with your physician is critical to your informed consent.

Yes, the procedure is just like fat grafting to the hands.

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Yes, it is possible to transfer fat to the dorsal surface of the foot - similar to transferring fat to the dorsal surface of the hand. It is a straight-forward office procedure while takes between 1 and 2 hours. Just like any procedure, please seek out a well-qualified practitioner.

I hope this is helpful.

David Shafer, MD
New York City

Fat transfer

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Thanks for the question cutecutter - Fat transfer for the hands has become increasingly popular in recent years. In my San Francisco area practice we perform this procedure (though much more commonly to the hands). In the hands of an experienced practitioner, transfer to the feet should be able to produce the same results.

The key is finding someone with significant experience in these techniques. Fat transfer to hands and feet has unique challenges in comparison to fat transfer to other parts of the body. A board certified plastic surgeon is a good place to start.

In addition, fat transfer to the feet have additional risks and considerations. The feet typically have poorer circulation than the hands and are more dependent (hang below the heart) which can increase the chance of infection, swelling and recovery time. Also, feet can be more difficult to allow appropriate time to heal (think at least a few days of bedrest and leg elevation for several weeks).

I hope this helps.

Fat transfer on feet

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I think you are pushing the envelope.

you will have significant swelling for minimal result and you will need significant time of immobilization with all the potential risks.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafts(injections) for feet

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Of course it is possible, you just have to be committed to being off your feet for a couple of weeks.

I have actually done the procedure, and was very pleased with the result. The patient not only had an improvement in the cosmetic aspect of the foot, but also had relief of foot aches, and his feet feel a lot better in a shoe because the muscles in his foot (intrinsic muscles) work better. I believe this is because of the stem cells present in fat.

Check out the link below for what it takes to make fat grafts reliable.

We can put you in contact with somebody who has had the procedure if you are interested.

Fat transfer result for feet not the same as the hands

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To get good results on the top of your hands, you have to minimize sweling and hands movements. That is hard enough in the hands, but on the foot, unless you plan to walk around with your feet up in the air the grafts will likely be a waste of money and time. Focus on the rest of your body. Your feet look pretty good.

Take swelling into consideration if you decide to proceed

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There may be some physicians who are doing this, but I am unaware. The only concern I would have is that you might have prolonged swelling for many, many months because of the dependent location of the foot. When Liposuction is done on the calves and ankles, the swelling there lasts so much longer than when performed on upper parts of the body. Infection might be theoretically a greater risk on the foot than on the hands. Other questions to ask would include if doctors are using Restylane or Juvederm, or Radiesse instead of fat to fill the top of the foot.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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