Will a Fat Transfer to my Breasts Leave Them Still Feeling Natural?

I understand the risks of this procedure but I'm just trying to research as much as possible before I end up making the wrong decision. I know that fat resorption will almost certainly occur, as well as fat calcifications. Would the calcifications, or anything else, give my breasts an unnatural feel?

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Fat Grafting to Breast, A Natural Solution

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It is now possible with the newest technique for you to enlarge your breasts without resorting to implants!  Specially prepared fat taken from another part of the body, such as the stomach or hips, is placed under the breast tissue to provide increased breast size without the need for artificial implants. The technique is called autologous fat transfers and autologous simply means "your own." And who doesn't have a little fat to spare? 

Fat grafting to breasts - Lipo-Augmentation

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The Lipo-Augmentation procedure offers a natural appearing breast augmentation and a comprehensive body liposuction treatment, all in one procedure.

The Lipo-Augmentation technique avoids the use of an artificial saline or silicone breast implant. Fat that is removed with liposuction is injected into each breast to achieve a natural breast augmentation. The transferred fat becomes living tissue and augments the breast with a very natural appearance. The idea of using fat for breast augmentation is not a new one. With recent advances in medical imaging, liposuction methods, and fat grafting techniques, Lipo-Augmentation is now an acceptable method of breast augmentation.

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