Fat Transfer to Lower Leg 3 Months Ago and Hardly See Any Improvement or volume?

i have had a fat transfer to lower leg 5 months ago and hardly saw any improvement. 2.5 months ago i did another fat transfer and i see some small difference. i am aware to the fact that a series of fat transfers is needed. can it be that due to skin tonicity i wont see any difference in volume, also after a series of few fat transfer? or would the skin must be expended?

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Fat Transfer to Legs- Why Variable Results?

The capacity of the recipient area is a key factor to how much fat can be placed.  There is not a great deal of capacity to legs (especially the calves), so there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be safely grafted.


Your surgeon is better to err on the side of undergrafting (lesser than expected result) than overgraft (abscesses, complications).  So you are doiing great with this approach.  With each subsequent procedure, the capacity gets larger allowing more fat to be safely placed.  Sounds like your surgeon is doing it the right way!



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Fat Transfer to Lower Leg

   It is possible that skin can play a factor, but only an exam can determine that.   Fat grafting is technique dependent, and you may need more transferred or more transfers.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs fat transfers hundreds of times per year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Improvement after Fat Grafting

It is hard to assess the effectiveness of a procedure without being able to see before and after photos (and even that is clearly not as good as an in-person consultation).  In general, though, the extent to which fat transfers last is somewhat unpredictable but it is not 100%.  It starts, though, with how much fat was injected (many people don't have as much "donor" fat as they think or wish they did); only a percentage of that survives and so, as you're recognizing, it may need to be repeated.  Different surgeons report different percentages of fat loss and there are individual variations that do, in fact, include how tight the skin is (which is why BRAVA may be used before fat injections to the breasts).

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Fat Transfer To Legs Can Be Effective

Thank you for your question. This is difficult to answer without photos. Fat transfer to the legs can be as effective as in other areas of the body. The size of the defect, underlying scar or tethering, the cause, volume transferred and skin quality all have some effect on the outcome.  If you have gotten some improvement, it sounds like additional volume should help.  The results should be very long lasting. Good luck!

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