Fat Transfer to Improve Scary Atrophic Lesions and Loss of Volume After Infini Radiofrequancy by LutIam 39y Femaleronic Company?

Iam 39y female was with perfect skin , ihad one session of infini radiofrequancy done by imdad med reps distributor of lutronic in ksa.this was 6 weeks ago, now i have atropic scary lesions over forehead, nose cheeks and chin, what earliest time to do fat transfer to decrease the ditoioration, any other rrcommendation? Canfat be done to forehead and nose thank you

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Fat grafting for atrophy

Fat grafting can unquestionably help cases of facial atrophy- it sounds as though you are very unhappy with your prior treatment, and I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation of your situation so you can get good first hand knowledge from an experienced surgeon.

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Fat Grafting to Volume Loss Area

      The fat grafting can fill the volume-deficient areas in a case like yours.  I would wait at least 3 months from the injury to get a better idea of what is the result.  Several of the facelift surgeons working in conjunction with Harvard Medical School use fat grafting with their facelifts and in volume deficient situations.  I have used this technique to reconstruct several patients with Romberg's, which results in one side of the face being smaller than the other.  Good luck.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Fat Grafting

I have  treated a number of patients who have experienced facial fat atrophy as a result of procedures which can heat the facial deep soft tissues excessively such as IPL or Thermage. Most of these patients come to my practice not only with areas of fat atrophy, but also with the frustration that their facial skin in the affected areas has lost its youthful quality. Remarkably, structural fat grafting has provided these patients not only with a correction of the soft tissue contour problem, but also with an improvement in the quality of the overlying skin.

Michael Law, MD
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Subcutaneous fat loss after radiofrequency treatment to face

I am sad to hear of this unfortunate fat loss.   I have seen other patients who experienced subcutaneous fat loss in arms and face after similar treatments by various company's machines.   I have replaced fat to correct loss in face and arms after such treatment and had success.   I have had very pleasing success in fat replacement in face and neck after radiation therapy for cancer and subsequest fat loss.   The question is timing in your special situation.  I understand you want to move ahead on this asap but you need to wait till stability is established.  Once you hit a month or two of stability you could have fat replacement.  Fat replacement can be done anywhere on the face and neck.  Probably you should wait till you are at least 10 to 12 weeks out and stable.   This type of fat loss has been irreversible in my experience, so the fat will not return by itself.   Fat transfer techniques are working well in 2012.   The system I prefer is to harvest fat from the abdomen or  from your site of choice.  This fat is then centrifuged and the lower portion of the fat  layer contains the stem cell rich layer which gives the best regenerative results.   It is important to use just this lower layer which means using only about 1/3 of the harvested, centrifuged fat.   This is then injected with tiny and special needles that allow accurate placement.  Fat transplantation  must be done with the precision of eyelid or nasal surgery.  The time it takes to harvest, centrifuge, and accurately inject your fat may be 4 or 5 hours.    This is a big deal surgery and must be approached as such.  Be sure to get three consultations by FACS surgeons in your area that are also boarded and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Do your homework.  Get a consultation from a university service, from a private doctor and then a consultation from one your family doctor recommends.  You can be helped a lot so don't worry.   My thoughts are with you.  My Very Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon
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