Fat Transfer to Hip Due to Bone Graft, Would This Help With DIscomfort?

Hello, I've seen from a handful of questions here that a fat transfer to the hip is possible. I had a bone graft from my right hip to my right leg due to a car accident many years ago. However, the hip area is now starting to cause some mild discomfort when I lay on it at night, & I'm wondering if a surgery like this would help (ie, extra padding)? My hips look slightly uneven as it is, so I'm not as worried with appearance, but I am curious how it would affect it. Any advice is appreciated!

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Fat Transfer

I doubt this would help you at all, but you should see an orthopedic surgeon. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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Fat transfer for chronic pain


The most important step is to identify the source of the pain.  If there is a depression in the soft-tissue that fat grafting can help correct then it might be a good solution for you.  There are studies that have shown improvement in certain types of post-surgical chronic pain following fat grafting but this should only be considered an "icing on the cake" issue when performed for soft tissue deficit since it is unpredicable how much pain relief if any you will receive.

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Fat graft to hip for pain

There is a reason for everything.  Especially since the hip was previously without symptoms, and now it has become bothersome, there may be an identifiable cause.  I would recommend you see an orthopedic surgeon and have at least a regular x-ray of the hip to see if you have developed excess bone growth (heterotopic ossification, or other problems) that may explain the pain..  Also, look at local factors that may have changed such as your gate, your weight, your mattress.

Fat grafting over a bony prominence such as the hip would provide short-lived improvement at best. Pressure applied to the grafted area over time may compress and redistribute the fat, reducing its benefit.

Good luck.

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Fat transfer for pain ?

As surgeons we have been taught that operating for pain is dangerous as it is unpredictable. I never guarantee that a surgery will alleviate a patients pain. However, there are cases where surgery greatly reduces the pain and makes sense. Your case may actually be one of them as fat would serve as greater padding. However there is such a thing as bone pain from the nerves within the bone. If that is the case with you and the cause of your pain, then the fat grafting will not be effective in reducing your pain, but should help with the contour. However, you should know that even in the best of hands, fat grafting can be unpredictable in how much is long lasting. It simply varies from patient to patient. Another option is to go to a reputable pain management specialist who may be able to help you with your discomfort without fat grafting surgery. 

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