Fat Transfer/Grafting to Hips- What Are The Options?

Nice butt w/ no hips, apple. Considering fat transfer from my love handles & back to my hips and partial areas of my butt. No drastic changes, as natural looking as can be, 2-4" increase the hips to compliment my butt. My size now: 34-33-39. W/FG, I wld like to be: 34-30-42/43. W/ additnl light diet and exercise, ideally I'd like to achieve: 34-27-43. Any experts in this specifically? What type of FG is permanent? What is Autologous FG w/ PRP? Can re-absorbtion be avoided? Thanks

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Fat Grafting for Buttocks Enhancement is Effective and Permanent

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Hi there-

Under the proper circumstances (well-selected patient, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience in the technique, accredited and certified facility, qualified anesthesia care), the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, in which fat is removed from areas it is not wanted and grafted (after preparatory steps) for shape/size improvement in other areas, is very safe and effective.

Under the circumstances I describe, you should be able to expect a real and meaningful, permanent improvement in your body's shape. Because the fat being used is your own, as long as you do choose a surgeon with experience in the technique, resorption should be acceptably low.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, a technique in which a sample of your blood is centrifuged and a portion of it (the platelet rich portion) is injected with the grafted fat. Proponents say that this added step increases survival of the grafted fat, and therefore the success of the operation.

This is NOT, at the present time, a belief grounded in firm science, however- as there are yet no well-done studies proving that the use of PRP does, in fact increase the survival of grafted fat cells.

In other words, my opinion is that because there are many surgeons with many years of success achieving beautiful results with fat grafting for buttock enhancement WITHOUT PRP, this (saying you use PRP) amounts to a marketing gimmick...

There are always going to be some people out there who believe that their best chance of attracting new patients is going to be by making it sound like they know how to do something that others do not by giving their operation a cute name (the smart-lift!), or that their way is magically better... There are unfortunately many examples of this in plastic surgery.

The truth is that there is no magic in well-done plastic surgery.

Well-done, safe plastic surgery depends on a healthy patient who is reasonable in her expectations, chooses a surgeon based on education, training, experience, skill, and a track record of solid results, to perform surgery in an accredited facility under the proper circumstances. I should also mention that for any plastic surgery to be successful, maintenance of a healthy doctor-patient relationship throughout is also important- follow instructions well, don't miss appointments, communicate honestly, etc..

So, your best bet if you want to be safe, have a positive plastic surgery experience, and maximize the chances of achieving the result you desire has much less to do with the details of the technique used or the marketing of the physician, but with your choice of the physician himself (or herself). Choose well, and the other concerns usually take care of themselves.


Fat grafting to hips- what are the options?

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Fat grafting has become an integral part of plastic surgery, especially when it pertains to the buttocks and hips. It is, indeed, the treatment of choice. But you should seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in buttock and hip augmentation in order to achieve the best result. While the transplanted fat often results in a longstanding or permanent correction, in a certain percentage of patiens the treatment may have to be repeated once or twice because of some absorption. But having an experienced plastic surgeon perform the procedure will give you the best chance for permanent correction. Good luck!

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