Fat Transfer For Tuberous Breasts? Good or Bad Idea? Does Stem Cell Fat Transfer Increase Risk of Cancer? Price Estimate? (photo

My breasts are believed to be tuberous. I am unhappy w/ their shape/size, but I am uncomfortable w/ the idea of implants. I am not a full breast cup, and I only desire to be a full A. Could fat transfer be a good option for me? My nipples are "puffy" and I've seen the correction to that is to remove fat. Not enough alone, but combined with more fat could this fat be transfered to my breast to get a better shape? Cancer runs in my fam and I don't want to do anything that inscrease those chances.

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Fat transfer to breasts

In general, no one knows yet exactly how fat affects the breast.  No one knows if there is an increased risk of developing breast cancer.  Tuberous breat deformities are often treated with implants and some sort of scoring of the breast and implosion of the tissue and closing down  the areola.

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Fat transfer for Tuberous Breast?

Great question, Fat transfer is an emerging therapy or alternative to implants for augmentation, especially for Tuberous Breasts. There are some in the PS world who are concerned about increased risk of BC in the face of Fat Transfer, but in my opinion I feel it is a very safe technique in the right patient. If you have a strong family hx of Breast cancer, I would not recommend having Fat transferred to the Breast.

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Tuberous breast correction

Dear HopeRenee


Many thanks for your post and questions on your tuberous breast (which you do indeed have). As you have probably gathered from your research, tuberous breasts are challenging to treat, and a number of surgical solutions are available - all with pros and cons.

I think you are wise to be conscious of the cancer risks of fat grafting to the breast - although this is a superb technique from the aesthetic point of view, the risks of its association with the development of breast cancer are still uncertain, so if there is a strong family history of breast cancer, I would personally not recommend it.

Therefore that limits your options - the best results you will get will be through the use of a combination of breast implants (which I understand you are reluctant to consider) and breast lifting/tightening techniques (mastoepexy). 

As a plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast cancer reconstruction as well as aesthetic breast surgery, in your case I would be more comfortable using a breast implant than doing the fat transfer.

Sorry if this answer only makes your decision making harder, but it is an honest answer!

Good luck 


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