Technique Comparisons For Fat Transfer for Face (photo)

Besides expertise of doctor, importan: 1. how to harvest fat to have greatest number of live fat cells (stem cells. using new 'Body jet', 'Aqua Lipo' techniques or older technique by hand with a syringe? 2. how fat is injected in face for fat-stem cells to remain alive -using live fat tissue, FAMI fat-muscle injection or standard fat injection -under skin? of all failed attempts and disasterous results. which of above methods have best results and less detrimental.

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Fat Grafting - View Photos for Evidence of Successful and Lasting Outcomes

  • For some reason, some surgeons like to have trademarked procedures, or proprietary techniques. The first step for prospective patients, when deciding on a doctor is to look at many, many before and after photos as evidence of efficacy, and also as a means for determining whether or not you and a plastic surgeon share an aesthetic ideal. A plastic surgeon who can share only a handful of before and after images, probably does not have the experience you are looking for.
  • Photos are critical, but they are just the first step. Carefully check the credentials of any plastic surgeon you are considering, look at their record of safety, the accreditation of their surgery center, the staff they work with including board-certified anesthesiologist. 
  • With fat grafting, it is important not to over-correct. Over correction can lead to very unnatural, and distorted results. 
  • Fat grafting patients seem to be the happiest patients, or the least happy patients depending on the result, the surgeon they select and the technique that is used. 

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Fat grafting technique

The principles of successful fat grafting are:

  1. Use a healthy supply of donor fat
  2. Extract the fat gently
  3. Inject the fat in small amounts in multiple locations
  4. Over-correct by a moderate amount
  5. Avoid excessive movement or manipulation of the injected areas


Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Techniques for Fat Grafting

You have fallen victim to the effects medical marketing. The success of fat grafting and sculpting depends on the surgeon, not the technique. I have done fat grafting for 25 years by harvesting the fat gently and carefully, cleaning the fat with saline, and then injecting it in the recipient area, achieving excellent results. I am a big fan of fat grafting and encourage you to consider this method of facial augmentation rather than the temporary results achieved with most fillers. Look at long term results of thesurgeons you are considering.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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I would not even consider fat grafting in a patient with your anatomy

It appears that you have deep nasolabial folds and an imbalance between upper and lower lips.

In our practice, patients of your type will be given Radiesse in the N-L folds and Juviderm in the upper lip. We choose Radiesse because by its nature it is stiffer and gives better support to the N-L folds. Juviderm is our preferred product in the lips because it does not lump or drift and has a very natural feel.

This is more reliable than fat grafting and considerably less expensive.

We have given up doing fat grafting in areas with a lot of motion such as the N-L folds and lips.  Our results were very unpredictable with the majority of patients not getting adequate results.  This has been true no matter which technique we have tried. Other experienced plastic surgeons have had like results and there is no confirmed scientific evidence that any of the newer methods are any better.

Nathan Mayl

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Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
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Most reliable fat transfer technique

Fat injections adds an important dimension to a comprehensive facial rejuvenation program. Experience in facial fat grafting is of utmost importance. Therefore, the best technique is the one your surgeon used a few hundred of times. Good follow up after previous fat grafting procedures will allow your facial surgeon to judge what works and what does not. Constantly changing techniques only adds variables and uncertainty.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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Fat injection to the face

The most reliable and used method for harvesting the fat for injection to the face is using a very small cannula ( some times I use the infiltration canula, takes long tome) but the smaller the fat packet the better the chances of take.Injection into the subcutaneous plane, fat injection into the small muscles of the face is not a good idea since it may interfer with the muscle function.

The fat should be centrifuged, and sime believe that the lower 1/3 of the fat in the centrifuged tube contains most of the stem cells.

If things go wrong, all and any method will be difficult to reverse and repair.

The most important then is the surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
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Differences are essentially speculative.

The precise method of harvesting and placing fat are not really scientifically studied.  They probably all work with a similar rate of success.  It is really dealer preference.  This means that you can focus on finding the right doctor rather than focusing on the particular method they use.  I would argue the more a doctor promotes the method they use, the more of a marketing turkey they probably are.  Fat survives but not all fat survives.  This reality applies to all of the so-called fat transfer methods out there.  No matter what method that is used, you will be swollen for the first few months after a fat transfer.  When this swelling finally settles down, you will swear (but you will be wrong) that all of the grafted fat has disappeared.  This sets many having a facial fat grafting to want more fat.  For these reasons, the injectable fillers are a viable alternative to fat grafting.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Fat grafting outcomes supersede technique

I have consistently reliable fat grafting results through hand harvesting and micro droplet injection technique.  I really believe that if i had any better take, it would lead to too full a face.  therefore, whenever i am approached for a novel technique to make my fat have better take i decline.  i know what i put in will deliver what kind of result after a year when it has matured.

besides longevity, the real key to choosing a qualified surgeon is the results. fat grafting is highly an artistic endeavor.  making a result look natural, balanced and amazing requires a strong artistic eye.  look at the results and choose your surgeon that has the best alignment with your aesthetic desires and values.


dr. sam lam

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
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Fat grafting techniques which is best

There haven’t been any studies comparing these specific techniques. But, what has been found have told us many things. One, the less you manipulate the fat the better. Two, freezing the fat leads to less fat survival. Three, manual liposuction appears to have better survival than using machines and higher suction power.  I’m a big advocate of manual techniques and I have some other techniques that lead to great survival so much so that I have to be careful putting too much in.


Philip Young, MD
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Proof is in the pudding so to speak


The specific technique may not be that important beyond harvesting the fat gently and injecting it in small droplets throughout well vascularized tissue.  Obtain several consultations and compare each board certified plastic surgeons results and reviews with one another.  Also, ask about the cost of touch ups or secondary fat grafting procedures.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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