Is Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation Suitable for Very Active Women? (photo)

I'm a dancer who teaches 20 hours per week. 2 years ago I was a B cup and started teaching pole dance, requiring lots of arm strength. Then, I was insecure and now I'm an A. In my consultation, the doctor told me he was confident I could be a solid B cup taking fat from inner/outer thighs and lower butt. I'm 5'3", 110lbs and am pretty muscular except for my wiggly thighs and slightly dimply bum. Is this procedure worth it for someone who works out as much as me? Will the new fat just burn away?

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Fat Transfer Natural Breast Augmentation - Great Procedure for some

The answer is Fat Transfer Natural Breast Augmentation is a Great Procedure for the right person - I don't think you are that person.

From your description, I am not sure you will have enough fat to transfer in order to meet your needs of being a full cup size larger. Only about 20% of fat harvested in my experience is suitable for transfer/transplantation. Of the fat that is transferred only about 50-60%  tops will survive. Fat that is transferred and 'takes' will behave like your own fat. That is, if you have significant weight gains or losses, the breasts may enlarge or shrink in size proportionally. Many women experience this normally with their breasts. I don't think you have enough fat to "donate" to your breasts without causing problems at the donor site.


Recent literature suggests that the largest possible "take" (enlargement) from a single fat grafting procedure uses the BRAVA® expansion device first. Most women consider this a hassle and it is expensive but it improves the take and size possible.

In short for the most predictable result I would recommend a silicone gel implant, especially for a dancer.

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Breast augmentation with fat definitely a reasonable option but.....

The most important thing to realize about fat grafting is that once the fat is transferred and 'takes' it will behave like your own fat and if you have significant weight gains or losses, the breasts may enlarge or decrease in size proportionally. This is very similar to what happens to women in normal breasts. Assuming your weight stays more or less constant then you can expect a permanent result from the fat grafting. The size you can expect depends on the amount of fat you have to donate and the technique used by your doctor.

If you want the biggest possible enlargement from a single fat grafting procedure, it's strongly recommended that you use the BRAVA® expansion device. It's a bit more of a process but the data is pretty clear that you can get more fat in at a single procedure, that will have a higher percentage survival if you use BRAVA®.

Of course there is always the option to use implants, in which case I would strongly recommend that you consider gels in someone as slim as you.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Fat transfer to the breasts

From your posted photo and height weight ratio I think it is highly unlikely that you will be able to harvest enough fat to replace the volume you would get from a breast implant. I am pretty sure you will be unhappy with the result of such a surgery.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

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Breast augmentation with fat

I would discourage you from having a breast augmentation with fat. First, you do not have that much fat on your body and second, the fat that is injected may not completely stay. If that happens you will not be the "B" cup you want to be. Although there are no studies indicating this my concern is that you may also "burn" off the fat injected into the breasts with additional body fat loss. Using implants would be more reliable and permanent.

John P. Stratis, MD
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