Will I Have Enough Fat To Transfer For A BBL?

I am considering getting liposuction of the abdomen and flanks and having the fat transferred to my buttocks. I want a nice, natural projection.. Nothing too dramatic or insane. I am 5'2" and 136lbs, and most of my weight is in my upper body. Will I have enough fat to transfer? I want to avoid the implants route if possible.

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It is difficult to say if you will have enought fat for transfer without a formal exam in person which is critical to determine if you are a good candidate for a brazilian butt lift.

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Enough fat for BBL?

Hi Ella Reign. Without seeing pictures it is very difficult to state with a high degree of certainty that you have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift. Every patient is different. It is in your best interest to research an accredited surgeon and consult directly with him.

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Dr. Constantino Mendieta

Constantino G. Mendieta, MD
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Will I Have Enough Fat To Transfer For A BBL?

Based on the information provided you are a good candidate for the procedures, however we need pictures for better evaluation.

Walkiris Robles, MD
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Will I Have Enough Fat To Transfer For A BBL?

Based solely on your dimensions it sounds like you will be a good candidate for a BBL. Without pictures it is difficult to say definitively but it sounds like a BBL will be a good option for you.

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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Enough fat for BBL

Without photos it’s difficult to give accurate advice but at your height and weight
most women can get a very nice result. Being a little smaller means the fat
typically makes a larger difference after we do the lift so we won't need to
use as much. Meet with a PS in your area to see if they agree.

Mahlon Kerr, MD, FACS
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Will I have enough fat for the BBL?

At 5'2 and 136 pounds you should probably be a good candidate for the BBL, assuming you have good skin tone. You should consult with a Board Certified PS with extensive experience performing the BBL. Look at lots of photos. Experience really matters. In our office buttock augmentation using fat transfer is the most popular procedure.

George Lefkovits, MD - Account Suspended
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Based on your height & weight....

...you should have enough fat to transfer to complete the enhancement of the buttock area, and get a nice improvement.

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttock Augmentation, Dr. Adibfar, Plastic Surgeon Toronto

Hello Ella;

Assuming that you have good skin quality , at your weight and height ratio, one should be able to harvest adequate amount of fat from your abdomen , flanks and upper/ lower back , transfer it to your buttock and give you a nice 3 dimensional contour.

Thank you

Ali Adibfar, MD, DDS
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Will I Have Enough Fat To Transfer For A BBL?

At your height and weight, I could achieve a very nice result. I perform about 500 Brazilian buttlifts each year, and this procedure is the most surgeon dependent plastic surgery procedure. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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