Fat Transfer After Filler Removal

I am having ArteFill removed and would like to get fat transfer for scars due to fat loss. Does exercise and health make a difference in results? Thanks.

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Fat transfer is an excellent choice to correct the defects

Fat grafting , properly performed, can have a long-lasting results. Agree with previous poster that the surgeon must focus on the viability of the fat grafts.

Early fat grafting techniques had less than desirable outcome. The long term survival was poor and the incidence of irregularities was high.

With proper attention to harvest and implantation (you can call it many names, but it really depends on what the technique does) one can achieve fat survival rates of 50-80% (at least in my hands)

The location of the fat grafting influences the longevity. Better longevity in lower eyelids and cheeks (~80%) and lower in the lips and surrounding area (50%)

Better health may have an indirect effect on survival. However, in the early postoperative period it is important to protect the area from repetitive impact and prolonged edema.

If you consider fat grafting to correct Artefill removal defects, it is better to wait until the swelling has subsided after Artefill removal

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Fat transfer and athletics

Fat transfer is a technique that involves transfer of fat aspirated via liposuction. Most of the cells transferred are damaged and not alive, about 25% are viable in our studies, less in metabolic studies. The dead cells and fatty cysts either get metabolized away by white blood cells or walled off by granuloma-type reactions.

Athletics and increased blood flow tend to accelerate the metabolic response and blood flow through a given area. We know from hyaluronic acid fillers that they tend to last longer in poorly perfused areas and in the elderly. I believe the same applies for fat transfer.

We prefer to use nontraumatized fat-fascial grafts (LiveFill) for facial grafting in most regions. Viability is higher, about 85%+ on initial transplantation.

Therefore the process of new blood supply formation for nontraumatized grafts is optimal in athletes. The amount of degradation necessary is much lower since there are not the host of dead cells going along for the ride that have to be metabolized away.

Just my thoughts.... and some data from a paper I presented.

We are seeing a wave of patients needing ArteFill removed, by the way, and we usually replace with LiveFill when possible.

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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is ideal for many purposes. I am not quite sure of your entire complaint but good technique, with agood system is important.

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