Fat Transfer Under Eyes

Hello! Three month ago I had fat transfer for hallow under eyes. And I want to know if it's normal that the fat is hard when I touch it? And it's also a little hyperpigmented in this area. I don't have a visible lump or something like that, the problem is only when I touch it because it's not as soft as the other areas of my face. Thanks for your response.

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Under eye fat transfer firmness

It's not uncommon for the area to feel a little different after fat grafting. This will likely evolve further with continued healing. The main things is that you don't see a visible lump. You should ask your surgeon about whether you should be massaging the area otherwise.

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Lower Lid Fat Transfer Aftermath.

Fat transfer involves transplantation of live fat cells which need to develop an individual blood supply going in (arterial) and out (venous) and in the process along with the reaction to the surgery of surrounding tissues can become firm (induration and edema) for sometime. It can take several months more to become softer. The fact that there are no visible lumps is a good thing. I suspect it will soften in the months ahead. A follow up visit with your plastic surgeon will probably be reassuring to you.

The hyperpigmentation needs to be evaluated to see if it is from the edema (causing a "Tyndall effect", from prior bruising (blood break down products) or darkening of the skin cells (dyschromia). All have different time courses and/or treatments until resolution. Your your plastic surgeon will be able to diagnosis the cause and give some treatment guidelines.

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Pigmentation may take months to improve

Its sounds that you had a good result. The eyelid region is very unforgiving in the sense that because the skin and the underlying tissue is so thin, it is easy to see any abnormality in contour. Furthermore, the underlying bone is much easier palpated. The firmness you feel may in fact be the bone that is under the fat. In either case, whether its bone, or firm/scarred fat, you have nothing to worry about because you have no visible lumpiness.

The pigmentation in this region can take a while to improve, but it will happen slowly. Be patient.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Fat Transfer

Under the eyes the skin is a lot closer to the bone. The fat can be a little firmer until it smooth’s out. It can take many months for the fat to settle down to where it will be. I would give it a little longer. When the fat is injected it’s possible to create some but little scar tissue so you might be feeling that as well. I would need to see a photo to make a good assessment of the hyperpigmentation.

Philip Young, MD
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Feeling Of Undereye Fat Grafts

Fat grafts can feel very firm and lumpy for months after injection/placement. This is a normal parft of the healing process and may take up to one year until they achieve maximum softness. It is important to remember that fat grafts under the eyes may never feel as soft as other facial fat as it has gone through a surgical process and has some amount of scar tissue in it. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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