Fat Transfer for Facial Contour Deformities?

The information concerning fat transfer out there is confusing and contradictory. Can fat be used to correct rolling scars or contour deformities (such as dents in the face caused by bad dermabrasion or laser?) If it is possible it can, what kind? Thanks in advance.

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Fat grafting to the face

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Fat grafting is a very powerful and effective technique to recontour the face. This technique has been used to help rejuvenate the face, camouflage areas of lipoatrophy or birth defects, and help correct scars. A successful result is dependent on the quality of fat that is used in the technique in which it is applied. You may be a good candidate for fat grafting to the face. Be sure that you're working with board-certified plastic surgeon with regular experience not only in fat grafting techniques but also in facial corrected and rejuvenation surgery. Such an expert will be able to assess the quality of your skin and determine if you have enough volume for the fat grafts and if your skin is of good quality to accept the grafts and produce a natural result

Fat grafting helpful for deep contour deformity

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Fat grafting is helpful for larger and deeper contour deformities (depressions) on the face.  If the depressions are small and superficial then fat is not the best option

Use of fat transfers to correct defects caused by laser and dermabrasion

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Fat transfers can be EXTREMELY useful in these cases.

I have used it for acne defects, laser defects, and what strikes me is the improvement in the quality of the skin itself, which is as much a plus as the actual volume fill.

The reason is that properly harvested fat grafts are rich in stem cells. These stem cells actually create new tissues and make the skin younger.

See the blog post below if you are interested in stem cells and how they can help.

Uses of Fat Transfers

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Fat Transfers are the moving of viable fat cells from one area of the body to another and having it re establish a blood supply so that it lives and lasts forever. Fat can be used in any areas that fillers are used and is especially cost effective when large quantities are needed -- such as in corrections of liposuction deformities and in Buttocks augmentations.

It can certainly correct dents in the face, lip augmentations, facial volumization to youthen the face.

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