Fat Transfer? Chin Implant? for a Wider Face. (photo)

Hi there I'm wanting to know whether fat transfer or a form of chin implant or both would make my face wider and give that "masculine" "square jaw look". I know people might suggest jaw implants but that's not a option as all I ever read on plastic surgery forums is that they get infected or the implant slides. So would fat transfer do the job or a form of chin implant and what kind should I be looking at? Pics included fist pic is what my face shape is like the others show how I would like it

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Jaw Implants For Wider More Angular Jawline

If you are looking for a wider more square and masculine face, the only effective and permanent option are implants. Fat grafting, besides its unpredictability of survival, can not create the sharper outlines and skeletal profiles that you are looking for. These changes require modification at the bone level by firm implants. Jaw implants if properly placed and screwed into position will not slide around. What you need is a square chin and jaw angle implants to get that 'male model look' that you desire.

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