Would You Recommend Fat Transfer Near Chin Implant? and How Could That Effect Possible Velemna and Juvederm Residuals?

I am looking for several opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to put FI just above and at the distal part of the jaw,near but not on top of a chin implant which was placed over 2 years ago? Also if you had an small amount of Velumna in cheek hollows and nasal folds 13 months prior to the FI and Juvederrm in lips 6 months prior to FI, will any residual product,if any prevent the fat from securing a blood supply? From my observation the product appears to be dissolved.

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Fat transfer near chin implant and other fillers

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There really should be no issues with injecting fat into an area where hyaluronic acid was used as long as most of the product has resolved. In addition, it works very well in areas adjacent to a chin implant where small additional augmentation or volume deficiencies exist. Good luck.

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