Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my cheeks (also had upper & lower bleph). When I smile, my cheeks push up and make bags under me eyes. Looks terrible. Will the fat subside over time? What are my options?

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Fat injections to the lower eyelid with bulge after 2 years

The bulge will likely not go away at 2 years. You will likely need something done with some steroid injections, liposuction with microcannulas, mesotherapy or actual excision.  Sometimes you might need to graft fat below the buldge to improve the aesthetics.

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Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Fat transfer, IMHO, is to unreliable to use in facial shaping as evidenced by this isolated bulge 2 years after the fat transfer.  I prefer to use Cheek Implants and fillers like Perlane and Radiesse that give predicable results.  Micro-liposuction should be able to reduce the isolated area of fat, IMO.

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Fat Transfer to cheeks

Well this is a great question because you are unhappy with your face when you animate.  When you smile your muscle around your eye(orbicularis oculi) contracts and creates some bunching. Im not sure you problem is being "over"grafted, but its a possibility! It would be helpful to have a set of photos to see, one set in repose, and one set when you smile big. Fat that was transfered in can also be carefully suctioned out. This is a tricky problem and its really hard to analyze you without actually seeing you.

Charles Virden, MD
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Do you like how you look when you do not smile?


It sounds like you have had two procedures related to your lower eyelid/cheek junction.  It may be fat grafting but it can also be related to your lower eye lid lift.  Please post some photos as this will help us provide a better recommendation.

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Dr Repta

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Fat Transfer to Cheek Has Caused Bulge

The bulge is probably secondary to the quantity of fat grafted or where the fat was placed. I am a fan of fat of fat grafting but have never seen this problem. Pictures would be helpful, but it sounds like localized liposuction may be necessary. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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