Swelling and Lumps on Cheeks After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer on my cheeks last Friday March 27. I look awful. I look as if I have a tennis ball in each side of my mouth. The swelling is at the top of my cheek which is OK but also underneath my cheek bone. I also have a hard lump in my nasal fold as this is where the fat was injected inside my mouth.

Is there anything I can do to improve things quickly? My doctor said it might be a bit swollen for a few days so I was not expecting this.

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Swelling After Fat Transfer

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Hi Chaz,

Your surgeon is the best person to answer your questions. It is common for fat transfer patients to look quite swollen and bruised during the first week. In fact Sidney Coleman, MD of NYC (a pioneer in fat transfer) tells patients that they will look like a "monster" for the first week.

Of course there are many subtle cases where patients may look great within the first few days, but those patients usually have recieved smaller quantities of fat transfer.

You should look better after two weeks, so be patient and stay in close communication with your physician.

Soon you should be enjoying your new, re-inflated face, looking years younger, the envy of your friends and family. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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