Fat Transfer to Calf Before Pregnancy or After?

I want to do calf augmentation by fat transfer but i am skinny so i have to gain first.On the other i planed to get pregnant next year.Is it better to first get pregnant and then go for fat transfer or i can do it before pregnancy?

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Fat transfer, calf implants and any plastic surgery procedures and pregnancy

Thank you for your question.  No aesthetic surgery will be done if you are pregnant, as you know.  No whether or not you do it before of after, it is up to you.  But if you don't have a lot of fat on your body, you may well consider waiting after pregnancy as you have gained weight and you will have more fat to give.  That being said, fat transfer is somewhat unpredictable (see my previous posts) and may require multiple procedures.  I favour the #calfimplants as those are stable and highly predictable.  Made of soft and pliable silicone material, they are inserted under your muscle fascia via a small incision in your knee crease.  After performing about 120 calf augmentations, I can say that it is a very gratifying procedures.  Best of luck!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Board-Certified.

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Fat transfer before or after pregnancy

If you plan to get pregnant within 6 months, have the fat transfers after your pregnancy.
If you have a full year to gain weight and have the surgery before trying to get pregnant, that would be ok but -
Fat transfers to the legs are not always long lasting and the swelling from pregnancy may affect them.
In  an ideal world, have the surgery after your baby. Best wishes.

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Fat Transfer to Calf Before Pregnancy or After?

The pregnancy may allow you to gain the weight needed for the fat transfer. But other than that factor it is a preference whether or not you perform the surgery pre or post pregnancy. 

My best advice to you would be to set up an in person consultation with an accredited, board certified surgeon. 

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