Fat Transfer Buttox, Hips, Breasts?

I'm hoping to do a Fat Transfer to enlarge my Breasts, Hips and Buttox, is this possible, What kind of costs are involved, and is there any Doctors in New York State who will do it?

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Here are a few links that may help you with your research: Fat Transfer, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Augmentation, Butt Augmentation.

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Fat Transfer works for Buttocks and Hips, I would NOT recommend for Breasts

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Great question! While a fat transfer is completely achievable for Buttocks and Hips, a fat transfer to the Breasts can cause Microcalcification, (tiny clusters of calcium in the breast). Keep in mind that a fat transfer to any area requires enough fat to be taken from another area of your body. That said, the cost of the procedure, that would include Buttocks and Hips would normally range from $4,000 to $6,000. Although I am not located in NY State, I am very close to NY and have many patients from the NY and NJ areas.


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