Combining Fat Transfer & Butt Implants

It it possible to get fat transfer and bum implants at the same time as i dont know if i have enough fat for transfer alone, if so how much does it cost? And why is there different implants available in mexico but not the states? Please help :)

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Combining Fat Transfer & Butt Implants

I'm not in full agreement with Dr Stanton. I think if combining these two operations the patient needs to be informed of the higher risks than doing them separately. If full informed consent is done than combining these 2 operations can be acceptable. 

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Combining Fat Transfer & Buttock Implants

Indeed it is possible to have both done at the same time.  In my practice only about 1 out of 50 patients has enough fat for complete buttock augmentation.  Because about 50+% of the fat melts away within 12 months after surgery, it requires the patient to have a relatively large amount of fat to harvest (via liposuction).  Implants provide a guaranteed, permanent, and predictable volume.  Implants available in the U.S.A. are made of very soft compressible semi-solid silicone but not silicone gel (like breast implants).  This is because buttock implants, because of their position under the largest, most powerful, and very active (gluteus maximus) muscle of the human body need to be very durable and without risk of rupture.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - when considering "Buttock Augmentation"  make sure to consult with a plastic surgeon who is very experienced is both methods of buttock augmentation (fat transfer and implants) before making your final decision.  Best of luck... 

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