I'm a 38B now and I want an all natural BA. Is it possible to go from a B to DD in one procedure, as long as I have enough fat?

I am 5'2" and 176lb,

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Mini Ultimate Breast Lift(TM) and fat transfer

Unfortunately, you have not provided any photographs. If you have ptosis, you may benefit from a technique called The Mini Ultimate Breast LiftTM. Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage. Aligning the areola and breast tissue over the bony prominence of the chest wall maximizes anterior projection. At the same time, fat transfer can be performed to give additional projection. The amount of fat transfer is limited and going to a DD would require 600 grams.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Fat injection natural breast augmentation cannot change a B cup to a DD

Thank you for your question.  Fat injection for natural breast augmentation has become popular in the United States.  Initial studies suggested that the best results are achieved with 150 cc to 200 cc augmentation although many surgeons today are using more fat.  It remains to be seen if breast enlargement larger than 200 cc is successful with larger amounts of fat.

Enlarging from a B cup to a doubled the most likely will require at least 500 cc of augmentation and at this date  only breast implants are likely to achieve that.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Dear Sictoria,
It is not likely that you will be able to increase your breast size by 3 cups with one session of fat grafting.  Consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon will better define your goals and options.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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I'm a 38B now and I want an all natural BA. Is it possible to go from a B to DD in one procedure, as long as I have enough fat?

   Fat grafting for a breast augmentation to go up 3 cup sizes will likely require 3 surgeries.  A breast augmentation with implants will only require 1 surgery.  I have done both, but you should be aware of the differences between the two methods.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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I'm a 38B now and I want an all natural BA. Is it possible to go from a B to DD in one procedure, as long as I have enough fat?

In order to have as natural result as possible you must first e examined and see what size would best be appropriate for you. If you are planning to transfer fat to the breasts instead of using implants please note that fat transfer does not allow for an increase  of more than 1 -11/2 cup sizes at one time. Implants can result in a much larger increase in cup size. You should consult wih a Board Certified PS. Good luck!

George Lefkovits, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

Based on the measurements of the body and the breast, you will have a range of implants that will give you a natural look. You can choose the biggest implant that fits your breast and remain natural. However I am not sure you will be DD cup may be a D Cup
Samir Shureih MD. FACS.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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