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Hi there. I'm a young woman, and i grew up with large breasts on a petite frame (i was always a healthy weight). I underwent 2 breast reductions. The second went quiet too small (an AA cup). Im told that everything works and i can breast feed in the future. My concern is that now they are too small and i'd like to go up one cup size at most. Just to plump up the wrinkly ugly areas. I really don't want implants. Would this be a good idea for me? And if so, permanent?

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Fat transfer can correct deformities after breast reduction.


I don't think breast augmentation with fat is the standard of care, but it is great for touch ups.  Fat should improve shape and give you some additional volume.

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Fat transplantation – a reliable procedure

Fat grafting to the breasts is a reliable procedure that yields reproducible results when performed by an experienced surgeon. In our series published last year in the journal plastic and reconstructive surgery published a 63% volume retention with very little variation in results. We also demonstrated approximately 250 mL of increase on average.


I have performed hundreds of procedures like this and to date I have not had to redo a single case for lack of volume retention.


In summary, this is a reliable technique for a modest increase in breast size in cases where implants are not desired. Best regards, Dr. delvecchio

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Fat grafting may help


Fat grafting may be the way to go.  Don't forget to look into the Brava (external tissue expander) system.  Ask your plastic surgeon if you should try both Brava and fat grafting together.  This may be the best option in your case.

Good luck!

Michael Novia, MD 

Michael Novia, MD (retired)
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Fat grafting to breasts

Fat grafting to the breast can give a moderate increase in breast size but the fat has to come from somewhere and if your frame is really petite you may not have enough donor fat. Get an opinion from an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in your area! Good luck!

Marcel Daniels, MD
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