Fat Transfer to Breasts After Brazillian Butt Lift

I was wondering if during the Brazilllian butt lift, one could have the remaining extracted fat to enhance their breasts. My lower body is much bigger than my upper body so i would like to have some of the fat put in my breasts as well. How much more would that cost and would that fat also hold well in the breasts?

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Fat transfer to Breasts after butt lift

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This would be a very nice procedure if you were the right candidate!  Not all patients are created equal, you say you have a heavy lower body and this could be a rich source of fat for your breasts, Taking this fat and placing it in your breasts could up your breast size a cup. Remember you dont want some ridiculously long anesthetic putting you at risk either, so discuss these issues with several different surgeons before proceeding.

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Fat transfer to the breasts

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Fat transfer to the breasts has been gaining popularity over the last several years. It can be effective if done in the properly selected patient. Meaning, the patient needs to have soft, loose tissue in their breasts and only desire a cup size increase in size. Some studies are now showing good results if women wear a negative pressure device (called a BRAVA) for 3 weeks before surgery and 3 weeks after surgery. You must be a very compliant patient and follow your surgeon's instructions carefully in order to have a good result with this type of surgery.

Like a fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift) not all of the fat will survive, and some patients may need a second surgery to add more volume (fat).

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