I have just had fat transfer to breast procedure and my whole right breast has hardened?

Is this normal? I am away for the Christmas holidays so cannot see My surgon, and I have recently had blood tests and do not have an infection. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Why has my breast hardened after fat grafting?

There are two likely explanations for one of your breasts hardening after fat transfer:

1. bleeding into your breast (a haematoma) - if you have a lot of bruising and swelling as well as the hardness, this may be the expanation. In which case, you really need to see your surgeon as soon as possible

2. Fat necrosis - this means that some of the fat transferred to the breast has died. This normally occurs 2-3 weeks after surgery, and you may not have any other symptoms apart from the hardening. You would normally need to massage your breast, and wait for several months to see if things improve and soften.

I hope this helps - please do get in touch with your surgeon

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Obviously an examination would be helpful but if the breast is not warm red and tender and if you are not running a fever you probably dot have an infection.  You may have bled following the grafting and now have an organized hematoma.  See your surgeon when you can

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