Fat Transfer to Breast for Minor Increase in Fullness?

A surgeon recommended Fat transfer to my breasts as I do not want a large increase and my breasts are quite good just not as full as they used to be.
I'm 22 years old and model so it is very important to me that my breasts look right, that is why I do not want to take the option of getting Breast implants as I have seen many which were not perfect.
You can tell they are fake/feel the difference between the implant and the breast. Would like some more doctors opinions on this option.

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Fat transfer versus breast implants: a natural choice for some

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Fat transfer is an excellent option to correct mild breast size discrepancy, loss of volume and tissue loss from surgery.  The results look and feel natural, but results are extremely dependent on the specific technique of the surgeon.

A large amount of data on the long term results of fat grafting comes from the "pre 2008" era, when the fat was procured with suction technique and significant pressure was applied to the tissue during the process.  Today, multiple new technologies are available with studies showing more than 80% long term fat tissue survival.

Concerns about breast calcifications from fat grafting affecting mammograms have been debated.  However, currently the American Society of Plastic Surgeons supports the use of fat transfer and many world renown Doctors routinely perform fat transfer for breast cancer reconstruction (the"Miami Reconstruction") which would not be a good idea if fat  was a concern in hiding cancer.

Fat transfer is a natural and beautiful option for breast augmentation, correction of symmetry or age related changes for the appropriate patient and if performed by Doctors experienced in the technique.

Plano Plastic Surgeon

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

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This is a controversial area in plastic surgery for several reasons. First, the use of fat cells to augment the breasts may not produce a permanent result; you may need additional injections in the future.

Second, the transplanted fat may form cysts or areas of calcification which would make differentiating these regions from cancer challenging. Some surgeons question whether or not we should be putting anything into an organ, such as the breast, which has shown a propensity to develop cancer.

The long-term safety of Breast implants, on the other hand, has been extensively studied and we do have a number of studies which do not show any long-term risks of cancer or connective tissue disease.

In terms of look and feel, visit several surgeons and ask to see their photos and to feel silicone implants. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised by how natural implants can look and feel. Good luck.

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