Fat Transfer to Breast with Liquid Lipo?

I am looking into this method in Australia called Liquid Liposuction where they claim fat is removed so gently with The Body Jet liquid liposuction technique removes fat more gently than traditional liposuction so that about 80% of the fat cells survive the transfer into the breast tissue. I can expect an increase of about 1-2 cup sizes & it is permanent so no another procedure is not expected afterwards. Does this sound plausible?

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Fat Transfer to Breast

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I am very familiar with the Body Jet Liquid Liposuction.  This is used frequently for the Buttocks area ( Brazilian Butt Lifts), and it works great.  I would not recommend fat transfer to the breast.  This can interfere with mammograms in the future.  Breast implants are perfectly safe, and the results are better.  Anytime fat is transfered, some of it dies.  This could leave you with a less than perfect result.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns and expectations.

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