Fat transfer to breast / best area to harvest fat?

I am having fat transfer to the breast done on March 8th and am currently wearing Brava. My question is . . is there a area of the body that is best to harvest the fat from. Will there be better results if fat is taken from the abdomen rather than the thighs, or hips? Is it better to take the fat from one area or a small amount from all areas? I have had implants for 30 years and had them removed 7 months ago. I want to get the best results possiable from this procedure that I can.

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Fat transfer

Smaller globules of fat usually have abetter survival rate than the larger globules. However you will need all the volume one can harvest for a modest enlargement

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Most fat works well in fat grafts

Where ever your surgeon finds ample fat will work well. Their technique in harvesting and processing will have more to do with your final results. The fact that you are using the Brava system shows your surgeons concern for getting the best results.

Manuel M. Pena, MD
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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Brava Bra

The most common areas used for fat transfer for the Brava bra are abdomen, waist, and thighs. There is no conclusive evidence proving that one harvest area is better than another. Everyone's body is different. Discuss your options with your surgeon so you understand what areas he or she thinks are best for you. Also be sure to follow the instructions for the use of the Brava bra for your best results. This can be a great procedure! Best of luck. 

Sarah A. Mess, MD
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Fat harvest location

Research has not shown that fat from a certain area of the body survives better.  The fat globules can be of different sizes when harvested from different areas of the body, but for the breasts, this is not significant.  I have noticed that fat from the abdomen and outer thighs contains less fibrous tissue than fat from the fat and inner thighs.  Areas with lesser fibrous tissue require less effort to harvest.  This results in less trauma to extract the fat and possibly greater survival.  I think any of the areas you mention will be appropriate.  To give you the greatest degree of augmentation, you will likely need fat harvest from as many areas as possible.  Best of luck and thank you for your question.

Shim Ching, MD
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Brava and fat transfer

For the most part all fat is the same.  In Austin, Texas in order to harvest enough fat to perform your AFT (fat transfer) multiple areas are typically harvested.  I usually start with abdomen and hips and move out from there as needed.  Brava is a great way to restore volume without implants.  Good luck! Dr K

Mahlon Kerr, MD, FACS
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Breast Augmentation with Fat

Fat transfer is a wonderful alternative to breast implants and it really doesn't make much difference where you take the fat from in terms of your augmentation.  Choose the areas that you most want contoured first, if your surgeon is in agreement. Good luck with your procedure!

Deborah Ekstrom, MD
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Fat transfer / Breast augmentation

There is no "preferred"site for fat harvest, however, the common areas used are the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. Your plastic surgeon would decide on one of them, based on which can yield the requisite amount of fat needed to meet your expectations.

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Where is the best place to remove fat to be use for fat transfer?

As has been answered there is no real preferred place to remove the fat but it should be where the most fat can be removed without the possibility of donor site problems. These problems can be lumps or bumps from the fat removed. The common areas used are the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. Your plastic surgeon should be able to review these options with you. I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS
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Best Area For Fat Harvest for Breast Augmentation

   You have to consider not only which areas will have perhaps the best fat, but also you have to consider which donor sites will have the fewest problems afterward with the liposuction.  In general, the abdomen and thighs are preferred, but, if those sites are not available, other areas can be used.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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